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-Figure: “A balanced combination of green tea, horsetail, senna, mate and artichoke leaves with a pleasant aroma that will help you take care of the line after the summer” explained on the Mercadona website. A detox infusion to recover from the excesses of the vacations.
Fat-burning: this infusion combines the action of teas (green tea and red tea) which in turn enhances the effectiveness of Horsetail (diuretic), Guarana (stimulant and energy boost) and Ginko Biloba (traditional aid to help circulation) that complete the recipe of this fat-burning drink.
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Legend has it that the sweet was born in the Jerónimos monastery, in what was then the village of Belém: today a tourist district on the outskirts of Lisbon known for the convent and the tower of the same name.
In 1834, after the definitive fall of the absolutist regime as a consequence of the Liberal Revolution of Porto, the Portuguese government ordered the closure of all the convents. In the spirit of starting a new life, one of the workers of the Hieronymites opened a store near the recently closed convent, and began to recreate the cakes that, until then, had been made by the monks for their own consumption.
Although “Pastéis de Belém” is a registered trademark of the very famous bakery, which insists that it preserves the original secret recipe of the monastery, the fact is that the sweet has been found for decades throughout Portugal, where it is known by the generic name of “pastel de nata” or, for short, simply “nata”. In Portuguese, “nata” means “cream”.

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Si quieres conseguir un sabor propiamente español al cocinar comida española, el tomate frito es uno de los ingredientes clave en aquellos platos españoles que tienen la salsa de tomate como ingrediente principal. No sólo es un atajo para ahorrar tiempo en la fritura de la pasata, sino que también tiene un sabor dulce que es completamente diferente de cualquier salsa de tomate que se pueda encontrar en el Reino Unido.
Este tomate frito tamizado se ha elaborado siguiendo el estilo tradicional para conseguir un auténtico sabor casero. Está hecho con aceite de oliva y no contiene ningún aditivo artificial que no utilizarías en casa.
Aviso: algunos tarros se rompieron durante el transporte desde España a Edimburgo. Los tarros restantes se han limpiado cuidadosamente, pero las etiquetas están dañadas de forma permanente. El daño no afecta al contenido, pero el aspecto de los tarros es bastante pobre. Si esto es un problema para usted, por favor, no compre estos tarros de tomate frito. No se devolverá el dinero por la etiqueta dañada.

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