Medico de familia serie completa gratis

Medico de familia serie completa gratis

Medico de familia 9×12 adios muchachos

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Médico de familia es una serie de televisión española[1] producida por Globomedia para Telecinco. La serie se estrenó a finales de 1995, convirtiéndose en el programa más popular de la noche de los martes durante cuatro años y convirtiendo a Telecinco en una cadena nacional muy popular. Ha sido adaptada y emitida en Alemania, Bélgica, Finlandia, Italia, Portugal y Rusia, entre otros países. Su adaptación italiana la superó en episodios y se sigue emitiendo.
Sigue la vida y las luchas de un joven médico, el doctor Nacho Martín (Emilio Aragón) un viudo que se quedó con tres hijos y un sobrino adolescente a su cargo y que intenta rehacer su vida familiar.
Otro personaje principal es su cuñada (interpretada por Lydia Bosch) con la que acaba casándose en segundas nupcias y que da a luz a gemelos. Otros personajes importantes son Julio, su mejor amigo, su primo Alfonso, y también sus compañeros del centro de salud.
La serie narra las luchas familiares, personales y profesionales del Dr. Martín. Vive con su padre y una asistenta doméstica, Juani (Luisa Martín) y ellos crean el ritmo de su vida familiar cotidiana.

Joseph: the pharaoh’s dreams (1995) tv series

The spin-off of ‘7 vidas’ that surpassed the original series in popularity but, in my opinion, never in quality. The graces of Luisma were the main hook during its beginnings and it didn’t take long to get a loyal fan base, especially during the seasons in which Carmen Machi remained at the head of the cast.
At the time, any young actor was nobody if he had not been in a series that resorted to plots of all kinds, going from the light-hearted to the limits of the soap opera. The abundance of characters invited to it and also to the constant renewal of the cast. The most mythical? The club that was always in low hours and that later received the visit of international artists?
Miniseries around the figure of the mythical writing of ‘Don Quixote’ for which a notable effort was made, although that was not enough for a chapter as essential in the life of the protagonist as the battle of Lepanto not to appear throughout its nine episodes.

Médico de familia chapters

Manuel took a risk with his proposal and Emilio accepted. In Valdivia’s words, Aragón “is one of the most creative people I have ever met and always wants to try new things”. And that’s how they ended up turning the unresolved sexual tension into one of the most important elements of the series: “It became the great driving force of the story. Season by season we would consider on the plot map how far we were going to go, what advances or setbacks we would make in that relationship.”
Already in its first episode, Médico de familia became an overwhelming and unexpected success for its creators. Valdivia reflects this in an anecdote: “With episode one we did the typical pool. Belén Rueda’s sister bet on such an optimistic result that we laughed at her for throwing away 400 pesetas. Well, it was six share points below the final result. It was brutal. It changed everyone’s life”.
The episodes went by and although “Dad remembered her a lot”, as Chechu said in reference to her mother, thirteen episodes after we met the Martíns, in the season finale broadcasted on December 12, 1995, Nacho already had a dilemma: “Either I tell Alicia that I love her or I’ll die”, he confessed to his friend Julio.

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