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Bach Flower Therapy is an alternative therapy founded by Edward Bach, an English homeopathic physician in 1930. It defines illness as the result of a conflict between the superego and the personality, as a disharmony between the 5 planes of which the human being is composed: physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual.
Its advocates define these products as a concentrate with the “energetic and spiritual power” of plants that would act on hypothetical blockages in the bioenergetic field of the human being. Their supposed therapeutic action would not be based, therefore, on a pharmacological or phytotherapeutic active principle, but on an “energetic” one.
The collected plants are treated in certain ways: some are left in water in the sunlight, others are boiled. This is how what is known as mother tincture is constituted, which is then diluted in alcohol or brandy. The patient ingests a few drops of this preparation dissolved in water.

Bach flowers: the benefits of flower therapy

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