Cola cao vs nesquik

Cola cao vs nesquik

Cola cao vs nesquik


Five samples of cocoa-based food preparations (Cola-Cao, Nesquik, Nocilla, Dulcinea and Vissento) were analyzed, with formats ranging from 400 to 500 grams, and with prices ranging widely from 310 to 673 pesetas per kilo. The cheapest is Vissento and the most expensive, Nocilla and Cola-Cao.
The first conclusion is that they are similar products in their nutritional composition and that they differ fundamentally in their ingredients and in their taste and other organoleptic characteristics. Only one, Cola-Cao, obtained a B in the tasting and two (Nocilla and Vissento) failed. Dulcinea pleased and Nesquik got a discreet pass.
After evaluating all the parameters studied, the best choice is Cola-Cao (despite the fact that it costs 646 pesetas per kilo), due to its results in the tasting. Vissento is also interesting, due to its low price: 310 pesetas per kilo and despite the fact that it obtained the worst score in the tasting.
On the other hand, the water content of these cocoa-based preparations is very low, 1.7% on average, with a range of humidity that varies between 1% for Nocilla, Nesquik and Cola Cao and 3% for Vissento. The remaining macronutrients also vary little, with the exception of a slightly higher protein content in Vissento (9%). Protein accounts for 7% on average, while fat accounts for around 3%. The highest fat samples (3.4%) are Nesquik and Vissento and the lowest in fat are Cola-Cao and Nocilla, with less than 3%.

Nesquik ingredients

Asking a group of people whether they prefer Nesquik or ColaCao can lead to a pitched battle, despite the fact that most people are already clear that they are not the most advisable options on the market.
The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has drawn up a list of the best supermarket chocolate powders. For them it has reviewed the labeling of 70 different products and comparing their composition.
Within the five types of cocoa distinguished by the OCU, pure cocoa powder products, soluble cocoa powder or cocoa powder in the cup, are those that deserve the best rating with their differences, while the instant or children’s take the worst part.

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This is usually the main reason why some prefer one and others prefer the other. While ColaCao takes a long time to dissolve in hot milk, being almost impossible to do so in cold milk, Nesquik is, as its name suggests, instant in both hot and cold milk.this is one of the main reasons for choice as there are people who love lumps, but there are others who prefer not to see them even in paint.which is your case? We’re definitely lump-free.ColaCao gifts

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Cola Cao es una bebida azucarada de chocolate con vitaminas y minerales originaria de España y que actualmente se produce y comercializa en varios países[1][2] La marca es propiedad de la empresa barcelonesa Idilia Foods (antes Nutrexpa)[3][4].
El Cola Cao se presenta en forma de polvo destinado a ser mezclado con leche,[1] pero también puede mezclarse con agua o leche de soja. También puede añadirse a los cereales del desayuno o utilizarse como ingrediente de repostería. En España, en particular, el Cola Cao es un acompañamiento popular para el desayuno,[1] o la cena.
La “canción del Cola Cao” utilizada para promocionar el producto en 1952 es un elemento de nostalgia[1][4] Sus primeros versos aún se recuerdan: “Yo soy aquel negrito del África Tropical / que cultivando cantaba la canción del Cola Cao /…” (“Yo soy aquel negrito del África Tropical / que cultivando cantaba la canción del Cola Cao”)[1][6] La empresa lanzó una nueva versión de la canción en 2020, modificando la letra percibida como racista. Cola Cao se ha comercializado en asociación con los Juegos Olímpicos y otros eventos deportivos[7][6][8].

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