Cereales de espelta mercadona

Cereales de espelta mercadona

Cereales de espelta mercadona

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Spelt is a highly energetic cereal since its main nutrients are carbohydrates although it provides fewer calories than the classic wheat flour, but it stands out above all for its high protein content of high biological value with amino acids such as lysine, which is scarce in other cereals. It is also a great source of minerals and vitamins, especially of the B group.
Its flour has a slightly sweet flavor with a touch reminiscent of walnut, being more soluble in water, easier to digest than wheat flour and although much poorer in gluten than other bread wheat, it still has gluten, so it is a cereal that should not be consumed by celiacs.

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Spelt has a great nutritional power and is better tolerated by the body than any other grain. “No matter how it is eaten, as bread or with other foods, because it is good and easy to digest”, said the 12th century German nun and physician Hildegard Von Bingen about this wonderful cereal.
Why then did this cereal disappear from our pantries and from our knowledge? Modern wheat is the result of the hybridization of different varieties of the cereal and has succeeded because it offers more production. It is more profitable.
Low in fat, mostly monounsaturated, among the rest of its components are vitamins B and E, minerals such as magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, selenium or potassium and phytochemical compounds that make it a highly recommended cereal.
It is therapeutically recommended when the state of the liver has repercussions in the digestive sphere, especially in chronic hepatic processes or in situations of excess stress and humidity, since it is slightly drying.

Cereales de espelta mercadona 2021

Además de que los ingredientes sean sin gluten, es muy importante que los utensilios de cocina estén bien limpios y no contacten con alimentos que no puedo comer, del mismo modo es aconsejable elaborar mi comida de forma diferenciada dentro de la cocina.
Soy celíaco y por lo tanto por razones médicas no puedo comer ningún alimento que contenga cereales con gluten o productos de estos.Esto significa: Nada de productos de trigo, centeno, cebada, espelta, kamut y avena así como productos de estos como harina, sémola, pan rallado, pan, bollería, fideos, albóndigas, salsas, pasteles, obleas, etc.
¿Hay algún plato en su menú que sea adecuado para mí o pueden preparar una comida sin los alimentos mencionados, por ejemplo, utilizar fécula de maíz o harina de patata para la salsa y preparar la carne, el pescado o las verduras sin harina ni pan rallado?
En España trabajamos con la AOECS siguiendo el esquema ELS, por lo que se pueden identificar fácilmente los productos con el símbolo del grano cruzado en los supermercados. Pero antes teníamos nuestro propio sello de calidad y todavía lo puedes ver en muchos envases. No te preocupes es tan seguro como el CGS.

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