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Ester Expósito (nacida el 26 de enero de 2000) es una actriz y modelo española[2], más conocida por su papel protagonista de Carla Rosón Caleruega en la serie dramática española Élite, emitida en Netflix[3][4][5].
Ester Expósito nació en Madrid en el año 2000. Desde muy joven se interesó por el mundo artístico. Cuando terminó sus estudios a los 16 años, realizó cursos de interpretación. Expósito ganó los Premios de Teatro de Madrid en la categoría de Mejor Actriz en 2013 y 2015[6][7] Actuó por primera vez en 2016, interpretando a la hija de Fernando en Vis a Vis en Antena 3. Ese mismo año apareció en el documental Centro Médico con el papel de Rosa Martín.
Su primer papel recurrente en una serie de televisión fue en Estoy vivo de TVE, donde interpretó a Ruth en la primera temporada de la serie, emitida en 2017. Ganó fama internacional por su papel en la serie de Netflix de 2018 Élite, donde interpretó a Carla Rosón hasta 2020. Tras el éxito de la serie, firmó para dos películas distribuidas por Netflix: Cuando los ángeles duermen y Tu hijo, con un papel protagonista en ambas[cita requerida].

Je me maquille comme carla de la série élite ❤️

Our plan? To put them into practice during these weeks of isolation to control them to perfection when we can finally go back to the office or to class and celebrate with our friends that the coronavirus crisis is over. Hopefully soon!
In matters of ‘big hair’, the absolute winner is Mina El Hammani and it is that under her ‘hijab’ are hidden some high curls.  “My curls are quite defined, but I always use a curling iron to give them the final touch,” the performer told us in an interview about success and beauty. Let’s take note of the trick!
Perhaps the most discreet in beauty matters is Georgina Amorós, who in the series stands out more for her accessories and voluminous dresses than for her hairstyles and make-up. However, we can’t overlook her haircut -very flattering thanks to her mid-length blonde ‘mane’ that she styles with open waves for special occasions- and her natural make up with just a touch of ‘rouge’ that proves that a red lipstick is always a good choice.

Ester exposito makeup look.

A new mood, which under the banner of body positivity, is really conquering everyone (and thank goodness) also thanks to the example of actresses, singers, influencers, etc.. who immortalize themselves totally natural or with an almost invisible makeup. Showing themselves in all their beauty exactly as they are. Here, then, are some of the celebrities who make the almost total absence of make-up their strong point. Simple and absolutely extraordinary, just like you.
But call back to the natural colors of your complexion. Without weighing it down or changing it. A very light makeup, often completely non-existent, able to fully enhance its light tones. From the complexion to the blue eyes, to the golden hair. All with products in nude and illuminating shades. In her beauty case, in fact, you can find:
A total no make up, able to enhance her face to perfection, in features and colors.    Simply, without filters or sweeteners. The exact mirror of what Emma sings in her songs and transmits to the public. In short, a true and authentic beauty. Uniquely extraordinary.

Ester exposito makeup tutorial i testing new products ︎

It’s nothing new that Ester is an artist with this ‘makeup’, remember that we are still freaking out with her fantasy highlighter; only now we have discovered that, in her spare time, she also paints her boy: Halloween has been about costumes and characterizations, and the fact is that (whoever resents it, let them bust) this festival of Celtic origin is increasingly rooted around the world, and if not, just ask Adriana Abenia’s daughter…
The thing is that with a characterization of the Joker, the actor from Toledo has surprised us all in the publications he has uploaded to Instagram on the night of the living dead (and many other living things more). “Make up by @ester_exposito”, has written our eternal Polo, boasting of the makeup that his churri has done for him.
She hasn’t been left behind either. With a Catwoman makeup (the definition ‘kitten sepsi’ would also be valid), the one who gave life to Carla in the hit Netflix series has not let the Halloween holiday pass. What we don’t know is if they’ve gone trick-or-treating; but, in any case, we’ll leave you with Ester’s artwork:

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