Doctor juan rubio alicante

Doctor juan rubio alicante

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Dr. Juan Rubio is a health professional specialized in biological and aesthetic medicine who has his own clinic with all the necessary resources to perform the treatments with the best guarantees of safety and quality.
Dr. Juan Rubio has in his clinic a team of professionals specialized in medicine that offer personalized attention to achieve the best results. In addition, both Dr. Rubio and the rest of his team are in constant training to be able to have the most advanced techniques.

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It is clear that Bataller, as Argentinean as he may be (meat-eaters par excellence), no longer looks favorably on meat consumption: “There are countless scientific studies that show the direct relationship between animal protein consumption and many health problems suffered by mankind”. Although when he speaks of this protein consumption, he leaves out fish, which is included in the wonderful macrobiotic diet offered at Sha and which people from all over the world come to try. “In our concept of macrobiotics nothing is forbidden. But you have to distance yourself. Some foods can be eaten very occasionally. It’s not that we are radical and say ‘never ever’ to meat. There are people who do it and demonstrate that it is very effective for the health, but it is not our case. If one day I have to eat meat at a banquet, nothing happens. Now, it should not be eaten frequently”.
Bataller lives dedicated body and soul to Sha Wellness, where he has found health, balance and a profitable business visited by well-known faces (from Naomi Campbell to the Sheikha of Qatar, Alejandro Sanz, Elsa Pataky or Ferrán Adriá). Married, with three children and proud of his wife, whom he would take to a desert island, he has long since changed his gastronomic tastes: if he used to enjoy meat almost every day, “now I love a good rice, preferably brown, which can be exquisite”. He confesses that he spends too much time at work “and I don’t manage to have more time for spiritual matters and to write about what I have learned, which can help many people to improve their quality of life”. In the Sha they do it, but as it is not cheap and it is not within everyone’s reach, many of us are waiting for those books to be able to share their knowledge.

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– In 2002 I was discovered a proliferation of malignant cells that were going to derive irremediably in a colon cancer. I refused to have a biopsy. I knew from my family history that I was going to develop cancer and I also knew what the end was.
– Yes, and I am better than ever. I could no longer stand the pain even if I stuffed myself with pills and suddenly I was recommended to Dr. Juan Rubio, a disciple of Michio Kushi, the celebrity consultant who has dedicated his life to the study of nutrition and health. It was my first contact with this type of natural medicine, the one that saved my life. Food was my medicine.
– Yes, it was. This type of diet helps us to overcome diseases. In one month I was recovered and even the malignant cells disappeared. With this diet, the self-healing capacity of the organism is enhanced.
– To be in harmony with nature, so we bet on consuming local, seasonal and if possible organic food. Pesticides have been abused and we have done barbarities with animals.

Assurbanipal and assyria: an empire with an (undeserved) bad reputation.

Her philosophy is based on many of the oriental techniques that work the body from the inside, looking for physical, psychic and emotional balance. One of her passions are the different techniques based on Chinese medicine, shiatsu, bioenergetics and nutrition, essential nutrition through the skin, biotechnology… which are applied to her work methodology and rituals.
All her knowledge has led her to develop in the world of beauty and wellness, which has made her passionate about natural therapies that help any human being to find their inner balance.

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