Croquetas martin berasategui

Croquetas martin berasategui

Croquetas martin berasategui

Robinfood / potato croquettes + jone cocktail

In a separate pan, add the virgin olive oil and butter together with the chopped spring onion. Let it cook over a very low heat for 15 minutes, without letting it get colored, until it becomes tender.
Once the dough is ready, place it on a tray lined with plastic wrap. Grease the top with butter and line the top with cling film. Chill the dough for a day in the refrigerator to make it solid.
The next day give the croquettes the desired shape and dip them in flour, egg and breadcrumbs. Set aside in order, taking care that the contact between them does not make them deteriorate. Fry them in abundant hot oil and drain them on absorbent paper.
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In this coronavirus confinement, in addition to becoming experts in bizcochos, we have also managed to perfect our croquettes. We started with the croquettes for beginners, we prepared them with rice pudding and we even dared with the croquettes of the two Michelin star chef Diego Guerrero. Today we propose you to prepare this version, with chicken, from the restaurant Melvin by Martín Berasategui.
Ingredients: 100 g of spring onion, 60 g of butter, 60 g of virgin olive oil, 200 g of flour, 1.7 l of milk, 2 chopped boiled eggs, 450 g of chicken thigh meat cleaned of bones and skin, fine salt.Step by step:You may find interesting

Martín berasategui recipes

We love gourmet croquettes and as we know you do too (otherwise we suppose you wouldn’t be reading this post), we have thought of grouping together the croquette recipes of some of the best cooks who usually appear on television.
In another pot, we put the 3 liters of milk on the fire to reduce over low heat without seizing the milk, so that it reduces and if it remains in 2 liters, to achieve a greater creaminess. A trick so that the milk does not stick, is to wet the pot previously with water.
Inside the casserole in which we have the cold roux, we have to introduce little by little the very hot milk just boiled, and we are stirring with a rod without stopping so that they do not go out lumps. All this mixture, we put it to the fire and we continue giving turns so that it goes fattening the besamel and when it boils, we put the mixer in the casserole and we beat all the mass. Then, we continue stirring for 12 minutes so that the croquette is creamy.
Inside our besamel sauce, we add the chopped boiled egg and the chopped ham and mix everything very well. We distribute the dough in a bowl, and let the mixture cool in the refrigerator for about 6 hours.

Machine for making croquettes.

AppetizersBy Martín BerasateguiRecipesHam croquettes by Martín BerasateguiLearn how to cook the star appetizer of our gastronomy and enjoy crispy and tasty ham croquettes!
sharingOriginally from France, croquettes are great to use leftovers from other dishes, with a good béchamel sauce. And how tasty they are, right? The real ones, the homemade ones. Like the ones we propose today, ham croquettes, so you can prepare them with your own hands and enjoy their creaminess.

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