Casa lobo carta

Casa lobo carta

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A session is held in which they cannot speak in order not to influence the rest. And based on their votes the dish will be included in the menu or not. Respondents answer if they like the dish and if they would repeat taking into account the proposed price.
We moved to the surroundings of Plaza Catilla. Pachi’s ‘Qchara’ (Calle Capitán Haya, 50. Telephone: 916 226 922), lives up to its name. Lentils on Tuesdays and cocido on Thursdays have become famous in this office area.
Four desserts to choose from, including a seasonal fruit. Bread and drinks are also included. It also has a hamburger for 10.50 euros, with a supplement of one euro if ordered with fried egg. It is 200 grams of beef with caramelized onion, Manchego cheese and tomato. It is served in the traditional Andalusian mollete bread.

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The scientific opinion was made in February 2020. The decision came this month after a close vote in the National Biodiversity Commission, which, in the end, aligned itself with the scientific recommendation. However, the governments of Castilla y León, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia are opposed, arguing that they are defending the livestock sector, which considers the wolf “incompatible” with extensive livestock farming.
However, the letter asks “all the administrations involved to work in a coordinated and constructive way, and always based on the best scientific knowledge available, for the protection of this species and the coexistence with extensive livestock farming and other traditional activities”.

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I talked to my daughter and son-in-law and told them how ugly it was for me to realize, when I grew up, that my real name was erased in one shot because my grandmother had the idea of calling me forever like that red hood made by her own hands. And the worst thing is that I didn’t realize it. And the whole world supported her.
I felt that both my mom and my grandmother were always right. And that bad habit of not letting thoughts slip out of my mind made me pretty sick. When I ran into you I just remembered mom’s warning: ‘Beware of the wolf.’ But,” I said to myself in a daze, “watch out for what?
On top of that, I had been amused by the flowers, two sins together, thinking if the old lady wasn’t mistaken and throwing a canita in the air. To top it off, you were kind, powerful and mischievous. With just one question, with three sentences you told me, you managed to get me to tell you where my grandmother’s house was, so that we could both go there, and on top of that, you by the shortest way and me by the longest. The very mamerta only did what she knew how to do: obey.

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As part of this project, at the recently concluded International Tourism Fair (FITUR), several local action groups from eleven regions of Castilla y León, Asturias and Galicia, united by the presence of the wolf in their territory, presented an original tourist guide. Entitled Tierras de lobos y ganaderos (Lands of wolves and ranchers), this publication is a giant step in the right direction. For the towns themselves present wildlife as an opportunity and not as a problem.
Unfortunately, not everyone understands this. The UPA and COAG organizations have harshly criticized this guide and even consider it a “direct offense” to livestock farmers. For their representatives “extensive livestock farming is absolutely incompatible with the wolf” and they directly advocate the extinction of the animal.

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