Anita mujeres y hombres y viceversa

Anita mujeres y hombres y viceversa

Anita mujeres y hombres y viceversa

Trouble with sets 2 (men and women)

That’s where Ana Rosa Quintana couldn’t help but laugh at the businessman’s witticism. “Great phrase for eternity”, has qualified the presenter of El programa de Ana Rosa between guffaws. A phrase that has tried to explain from the set stating that when he said it he was a MYHYV member and that would mean breaking the rules of the dating show.
However, the talk has also become serious when it comes to qualify how has been the behavior of Efren this time. “It’s the second time he’s done this to a woman in a month”, reproached the journalist in allusion to Marta Lopez and everything that has surrounded their relationship.

Así es el cásting de ‘mujeres y hombres y viceversa’

El programa está basado en el dating show italiano Uomini & Donne, y está enfocado a personas solteras. Los “tronistas” (de la palabra española/italiana “trono”, porque el protagonista está sentado en un trono imaginario) son 4, normalmente 2 hombres y 2 mujeres. Son los protagonistas, cuyo objetivo es encontrar su alma gemela entre algunos admiradores. Cada día el “tronista” puede conocer a nuevas personas, y tras una breve presentación de las mismas, puede decidir si sigue saliendo con ellas o no.
Además, el tronista decidirá con qué candidatos quiere salir fuera del estudio de televisión; durante la cita tiene la posibilidad de conocer mejor a los candidatos. Sin embargo, hay una regla fundamental que tanto los tronistas como los candidatos deben respetar: sólo pueden verse delante de las cámaras, nunca en privado. Si no se respeta esta regla, pueden ser expulsados del programa.
Cuando el tronista elige a su alma gemela, sólo hay unos cuantos candidatos esperando su decisión. También puede dejar el programa solo, si no elige a nadie. En consecuencia, otro hombre/mujer le sustituye en el trono[9].

Susana and manu face the ‘i never’ as a couple | mtmad

“For me you are a very warrior aunt and I admire that, because like me, you don’t let anyone step on your feet. You are a strong person and whatever you propose you are going to get it,” said the Valencian when he said goodbye to her.
The relationship between the two was very intense during the time that Ana was a suitor, so much so that on several occasions Labrador named her his ‘favorite suitor’. However, his distrust made a dent in Ana, who decided to abandon the program and the conquest of Labrador.

Raquel and anita pretenders parties women men and

“An opportunist”. This is how Ana Pérez describes her ex, Efrén Reyero, on the set of ‘Sálvame’. It is not necessary to have a high school diploma, a baccalaureate, a degree, a master’s degree, a doctorate and a CCC course to reach this conclusion. It can be seen at a glance that the boy could go to ‘Mask Singer’ as Girasol, for that reason of looking where the fame is.
He has also taken the opportunity to talk about the relationship between Efren and Marta Lopez, saying that “he stuck to her out of interest, because he was not doing anything on television. And look if he got it, he is now in ‘La Casa Fuerte’. How is this guy and how many Mr. Wonderful agendas he hasn’t bought (because of that ‘who follows, gets it’).

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