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A space that is committed to sustainability and very Galician elements, with a distribution similar to that of a house. It is striking that the domestic items are now joined by other products such as books, stationery, electronics and even beach paddles and bicycles.
Thus, the new Zara Home has a space of almost 1,000 square meters of floor space in which “avant-garde and tradition are linked to connect with the customer through the senses”, thanks to the different materials that the store incorporates, the “varied sensations that are transmitted by touching and feeling the different textures that are incorporated in it”.
For this new concept, Elsa Urquijo has opted for an open and enveloping space. Its glass façade and shop windows open to the city connect the store with the outside, revealing different points of the interior that highlight the collections and proposals of the brand.
In this way, the store is connected to Inergy, a centralized platform that allows to know and regulate the energy consumption of the store. In addition, 100% of the energy used by the store comes from renewable sources.

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In addition, the state-of-the-art air conditioning system ensures high energy efficiency. Its sophisticated temperature control automatically adjusts thermostats according to occupancy and sunlight.
As the next step in the eco-efficient store plan that Inditex has already completed worldwide (which enables savings of 20% in water and 40% in energy), this store will be connected to Inditex’s centralized control and management system for energy and water consumption, called Inergy. The store will also use 100% renewable energy and will incorporate the ticketless system as standard.
In line with its integrated concept of the shopping experience, this store will be part of the ‘Store Mode’, which allows customers to consult their inventory in real time from the brand’s app, for online purchase and immediate pick-up in 30 minutes.

Zara home plaza de lugo coruña

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