Restaurante diez y medio madrid

Restaurante diez y medio madrid

Restaurante diez y medio madrid

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Yesterday I went to dinner with my wife, my brother and his partner, and the four of us were delighted. The place is beautiful, which we already knew, but it is worth mentioning. The service in general is very good. Friendliness above all else. As for the food, each and every one of the dishes we ordered (2 starters and four mains plus desserts) were spectacular. The best tartar we have tasted, the shrimp tempura ideal, the pig’s trotters, a specialty worth trying …. And as for the price, it was cheaper than I expected considering the quality received. Very highly recommended by me. I can’t wait to come back and try many of the things I saw on the menu and that were offered to me off the menu.

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The kitchen area is open to the living room and exudes an avant-garde style that is completed with a very chic contemporary Mexican touch. The result is a space full of light in which to feel at home, where the elegance of an environment in neutral tones, dotted with splashes of color, stands out, allowing you to enjoy the atmosphere at any time of the day, going from a more relaxed environment to a more festive one, for those who wish to prolong their experience and enjoy the exquisite cocktail proposal offered by this new and promising bet on Aztec food.
The menu ranges from the northwest in Baja California to the southeast in Quintana Roo. A total of 32 states captured in each of the creations present in it that synthesize the different culinary options within the country.

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A quality market cuisine with a menu that does not lack the best meats and fish from the best fish markets as our sea bass or scorpion fish, one of the star dishes that we invite you to eat with your hands.
SARGO is versatile. We organize any type of event depending on your needs: product presentations, show-cooking, conferences, lectures, cocktail parties, lunches, dinners, themed appetizers…
“Sargo is a restaurant that pays tribute to Galician cuisine, fresh fish and seafood, stews and Galician Rubia beef, but with a traveling touch through oriental ingredients such as kimchi sauce or seaweed.”
“Sargo has an eye-catching terrace integrated into the facade that gives continuity to the interior, the bar area, high tables at the entrance and the rest of the room, creating an elegant, modern and warm space. A wide range of options to enjoy good food in a cozy environment”.
Sargo is a restaurant in Madrid, located 300 meters from the Plaza del Marqués de Salamanca, at the intersection of Calle General Díaz Porlier and Calle José Ortega y Gasset, belonging to the Salamanca neighborhood and adjacent to the Chamberí district. In the square stands a statue in memory of the Marquis, private promoter of the neighborhood.

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We are one of the maximum referents of the traditional cuisine of cult to the product in Madrid. A modern steakhouse, in both form and substance, where the oak charcoal grill is the main protagonist and where we offer the largest selection of El Capricho cuts in the capital. Equally outstanding are our fish, vegetables and rice dishes.
Elegant and cozy, the space comes to modernize the concept of steakhouse and revises it aesthetically. Its glazed terrace, located on Padre Damian Street, opposite the NH Eurobuilding, is currently open with a capacity reduced by half and with modern hygiene and safety measures for the diner.
Today was the first time I went to this restaurant, after the word of mouth of this restaurant. It has been a very pleasant experience, because from the arrival to leave the restaurant has been everything great. Also highlight the attention and kindness of the waiters. We will come back.

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