Paula echevarría en bikini

Paula echevarría en bikini

Paula echevarría shows off her bikini and tan as soon as she starts wearing it

Actress Paula Echevarría in a bikini is already a summer classic. Since Anita Obregón stopped posing, the star of ‘Velvet’ has given us many joys (and also some envy) letting us see her great figure that does not seem to pass the time. This summer vacation will be her second after her divorce from David Bustamante in March 2018 and we are already looking forward to seeing Paula looking great again and this time next to her love, the footballer Miguel Torres, with whom she has just celebrated their first anniversary together.2009.
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Paula echevarría, the bikini queen | qmd magazine!

A very special getaway for the couple, who have relaxed by the pool of the hotel where they are staying and enjoyed romantic dinners. As usual, the ‘influencer’ is sharing several of the looks she is wearing on this trip, including a bikini full of trends that can now be purchased on sale.
CalzedoniaA set in blue that draws attention for its top with double asymmetrical straps, a detail that is also present in the panties. The bikini is a big seller on the Italian firm’s website. The top, which has gone from €30 to €26.90, is now only available in size 90, while the briefs, now priced at €16.90 (previously €20), are available in sizes S, M and L.

Paula echevarría or the photo in bikini (and with her back turned): “is everything all right?

This photo with her best friend has made her followers envious, who have expressed it through their comments. Some artists like Blas Cantó has praised the beauty of mother and daughter and others like India Martínez has shared that it has been impossible for her to get into the pool yet.
However, the actress continues to do sports to be in the best shape possible and thus recover, as soon as possible, the figure of which she boasted. But one thing has to be said, she looks gorgeous now! Regardless of the change she has undergone, the sparkle in her eyes is brighter than ever.

Paula echevarría takes advantage of the sun and debuts bikini

If a few days ago she was news for her reconciliation with choreographer Poty Castillo, the one who was one of the best friends of her ex-husband David Bustamante, Paula Echevarría is again in the news for one of her famous poses on Instagram . The actress again demonstrates the magnetism she possesses and does so wearing a spectacular bikini that has not left her fans indifferent.
On vacation in Sancti PetriThe Asturian, who continues to be in the spotlight for her relationship with ex-footballer Miguel Torres, does not abandon her facet as an influencer and has not hesitated to show off her spectacular figure in the pool of a magnificent hotel in the town of Sancti Petri, where she is enjoying her vacations with her current partner.
To show her love, Paula Echevarría has not hesitated to share several stories on her Instagram account with her boyfriend. In one of them we can see them giving each other a romantic kiss on the edge of a spectacular pool that hours before they had been able to enjoy to combat the harsh temperatures of the month of July.

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