Movistar plus y netflix

Movistar plus y netflix

Movistar plus y netflix

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Currently Movistar and Netflix have reached an agreement whereby the operator offers you the opportunity to pay less on your Netflix subscription. If you want to have both services together you will only have to contract one of the Fusion tariffs and choose 2 or 4 simultaneous reproductions.
Currently Movistar has reached an agreement with Netflix to offer all its content in the Fusión tariffs. Depending on the option you prefer, you will be able to enjoy Netflix on two or four devices.
The condition you have to fulfill is to be a customer of one of the Fusión Movistar tariffs. These tariffs are the most complete of the operator and include mobile, fiber, landline and TV. Here are the best options with which to contract Netflix on Movistar.
If you are already a Movistar customer and do not have a Fusion tariff, you will have to switch to one of them by calling free at 910 053 416, and if you are already a Netflix customer you can continue to enjoy your account. When you have your Fusion rate with Netflix you will receive a message with a link where you can activate your Netflix account within a maximum period of one day.

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You can be identified in up to 5 devices to watch Movistar+ on devices. If you log in on a sixth device, it will replace the first device to which you had linked your account and so on. When you want to use an unlinked device, you will need to re-enter your passwords on the device. You can manage your devices from the Client Area.
If you have a decoder via Fiber/ADSL and you have contracted these channels, you can access them through the decoder and any of the compatible Movistar+ devices, including Smart TV and HDMI devices, as long as you are at home. If you are away from home, you can access these channels through Movistar+ on devices using a computer, mobile or tablet.If you have a satellite decoder and have contracted these channels, you can access them from your decoder and from Movistar+ on devices using a computer, mobile and tablet. You do not have these channels available on Movistar+ on devices from Smart TV or HDMI devices, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV or Chromecast.if you have Movistar+ Lite, these channels are not included in your subscription.

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The Fusión x2 tariffs include more than one mobile line and depending on the type of tariff you sign up for, they include a different type of Movistar TV that can include: Laliga, Champions, Series or Disney+. Below we explain the Movistar rates to contract Netflix:
In case you have contracted ADSL with Movistar, you can also enjoy Netflix and in UHD or HD image quality (depending on the rate you contract). However, keep in mind that the image quality will depend on the quality of your ADSL connection.
The first thing we recommend before signing up for a Movistar rate to watch Netflix is to check your coverage with Movistar to see if you have a fiber connection or if you can only sign up for ADSL.
If you want to activate Netflix with Movistar, the first thing to know is whether you are already a customer or you did not have Netflix contracted before. So there are several ways to activate it. We explain everything about how to activate Netflix with Movistar:
If you are not a Netflix customer yet because you have not created your account previously. The first thing you have to do is wait until your order, that is, your Netflix contract is correctly installed in Movistar’s systems.

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If you are a Movistar customer, you can enjoy a series of advantages when signing up for Fusión with Netflix. On the one hand, it is cheaper: 1 € / month cheaper than if you hire it separately.  In addition, when you sign up for Netflix with Movistar, your main phone line automatically gets an extra 1 GB, so you can enjoy your favorite series and movies when you are away from home. And the most convenient: you don’t need to leave Movistar+ to access Netflix content with the UHD Set-Top Box.
On the other hand, in the Cinema, Series, Kids and Documentaries sections, you will find featured content in dedicated Netflix streets, ready to hit play. You can also access from dial 100 with your remote control.  In addition, in the Movistar+ search engine, you will also be able to search for content and get Netflix results, without leaving Movistar+ to search for them.
If you still do not have the device, but you want to get it, access the Movistar purchase page and get it for only 10€. If you purchase a UHD Set-Top Box or a UHD Smart WiFi Set-Top Box, you will also receive it for free. Do you have the Movistar Home device? Do not miss what it can do for you in this link.

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