Mariam hernández gym tony

Mariam hernández gym tony

Mariam hernández gym tony

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Beautiful, friendly and with a great body, this Canary Islander is a lover of sports -surfing, running, skating, wake boarding, kitesurfing, snowboarding, fitness, yoga…-, healthy eating and “addicted to releasing endorphins”, as she says in her blog, “Diario de una (F)it Girl. Here are her ten tips to improve your fitness, take care of yourself and “surf life”.
I am very aware of how important physical exercise is for health, so I try to be disciplined and consistent. It’s not always possible, it’s true, but we have to try to make sport part of our daily routine and give it the priority it deserves. 2-3 days a week is enough! And if you dress with joy, so much the better!  Adidas total look
For me sport is a way of life but it hasn’t always been like that. Little by little I have been finding sports that I love. Nowadays there is a huge offer in the “fit world”: open your mind, try and find the activity that really motivates you. Kitesurfing is one of my great passions! As a good Canarian, my weakness is water sports.

Mariam hernández (‘amar es para siempre’): “it’s been very

Mariam, who has participated in numerous series such as Amar es para siempre or Gym Tony, has recently presented Antes de perder, a seven-episode road movie, and ¿Qué te juegas, a film in which she shares the bill with Amaia Salamanca and Leticia Dolera. The actress combines her love for acting with sports and is often seen running, kite surfing, windsurfing and snowboarding. In addition, she is very committed to the environment and from her social networks she tries to raise awareness about the care of the oceans.
On the sentimental level, Mariam is characterized by absolute discretion. In July 2016 she was seen with basketball player Ricky Rubio, but it was never confirmed that they were together. Now, the actress is preparing to become a mom, a happy stage that she faces with great enthusiasm. Congratulations!

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In cinema we can see her in the films No controles (2010), Seis Puntos sobre Emma (2012), Del lado del Verano (2012), Vientos de la Habana (2016), Zona Hostil (2017), El mejor verano de mi vida de Dani de la Orden (2018) and ¡Qué te juegas! under the direction of Inés de León (2019).
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The actress who plays TV’s vigoréxica Nieves in Gym Tony (Monday to Friday at 9 p.m. on Cuatro) talks to Bluper about sports and fashion. The healthy lifestyle of Canary Islander Mariam Hernández was partly to blame for her character’s obsession with the gym and her image.
I have always done a lot of sport, at times more or less, but it has always been an important part of my leisure and complementary to my work. It arose more in a work break in which I realize that I need a dynamic and continuity in something that allows me to organize myself a little. As a result of that a friend suggested me to write a blog, although at first I thought it was not for me, in the end I started it on my website and it was called Surfeando mi vida (Surfing my life). After 3 months Glamour magazine called me and we started doing it on their website.
It helps a lot to anyone, basically you generate endorphins which are the hormones of happiness and also serves to relax, evade, see things clearly. I think it is productive at all levels and it is also healthy.

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