Lola carretero mujer de iñaki gabilondo

Lola carretero mujer de iñaki gabilondo

Lola carretero mujer de iñaki gabilondo

#pedroj40 | diario 16, between 23-f and gal (1980-1989)

“Growing older without stopping learning seems to me a real gift”, confesses a Gabilondo who shows himself without complexes in front of RTVE cameras. The journalist is the protagonist of the seventh season of the series ‘Somos Documental’. An own production of RTVE for the program ‘Imprescindibles’, that both Elena Sánchez Caballero and Juanma Jiménez have directed in a splendid way throughout the three cities that have marked the journalist’s life: San Sebastián, Seville and Madrid.
About his childhood, Gabilondo remembers a house always crowded and a great willingness to sign up for any plan. Hence the saying “heaven is reserved for the neighbors downstairs”, a phrase that one of his relatives says in the documentary and that he repeats in the subsequent talk show.
His brother, Ángel Gabilondo, spokesman of the Socialist Parliamentary Group in the Assembly of Madrid, is also present in it and assures that his brother is “a person who has no attachment to the mundane, who lives far from any idea of waste or squandering”.

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The shutters came down on CNN+ and it was left on the street. He is the example of the great professionals centrifuged by a system that caters only to money. As he is a stoic man, he has accepted his fate and has written a book, ‘The end of an era’.
–I had a pretty clear vision of the passing of time, that we are all going to die. But that decade put my head in another place. That’s why, if I have to choose the greatest triumph of my life, it’s not in I don’t know how many awards and leadership, but in how my children have come through the circumstances they lived through. The greatest emotion was to see my mother, my first wife’s mother and Lola’s mother at my eldest son’s wedding. There was a lot of effort behind it…. When you live stories like that, you get to know where the real battles are played.
–Then I had to work on colon cancer. And I had a big problem with my daughter…. What happens is that I am stoic in the face of these things. My brother Angel, the minister, says I am very Roman…. Life is a complex business. And when complexity arises, I face it with serenity.

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Gabilondo said that his relationship with Lola has not been a bed of roses, but that the balance of their marriage is wonderful. “There you find a love that is not like the previous one, this is a love uphill, steep, hard … with all the doubts, crises, skids, steps forward, steps back … but we have had the immense luck of the category that Lola has, because she is a great woman, she is a woman of flag”, he said.
The journalist confessed that Lola “put all her soul into this story” and that the greatest achievement of his life “has been that Lola and my children adore each other, that we all love each other very much and that the memory of Mayte is still there, respected, perfumed, without anyone touching it”. To conclude, Gabilondo assured that he was lucky. “Only I know what it has cost us. Only Lola knows what it has cost us, but this is triumph”.

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