Carne a la piedra madrid

Carne a la piedra madrid

Firewood and embers

Take a look at our menu and start thinking about which dish you will choose when you come to visit us: grilled beef sirloin -also available with cabrales-, beef entrecote, suckling lamb chops… or the opportunity to enjoy the best stone-grilled Asturian meat are some of the most demanded possibilities.
In addition, our menu has room for interesting elaborations in which the meat is the protagonist. Those who enjoy a homemade hamburger can order ours, with Asturian beef tenderloin. But one of the most successful options in recent times has been the cachopo, the copious Asturian dish related to the Milanese or the Wiener Schnitzel, based on the best veal of that land. If you want to eat cachopo in Madrid, here we will not disappoint you at all.


The menu of Mesón Toledano is extensive: most of its dishes are based on its ingredient par excellence, meat, but they do not neglect other flavors. They describe themselves as promoters of market cuisine, without neglecting traditional fish recipes, salads, homemade stews, local products, Iberian sausages … even desserts made in the restaurant itself, all paired with an interesting wine list.
After some starters to share, rations, salads or even stews and soups in clay pots, it is possible to share or taste individually beef (steak, tenderloin, sirloin steak, sirloin steak…), suckling pig, suckling lamb (in chops, roast) and even partridge.
For the main course, a platter of Galician beef tenderloin to grill on the stone at the table, perfectly filleted and well seasoned. The quality of the meat is indisputable and the result is a real delight.

Elia’s tavern

Located in Pozuelo de Alarcón and directed by Aurelian Catalin, La Taberna de Elia is one of the most renowned meat temples in the capital. Its carnivorous menu features pieces of beef from different suppliers that are matured in their own chamber where they acquire the perfect point of flavor and texture to pass to the powerful embers of the grill.
At Juancho’s BBQ they assure that they love meat above all else and their goal is to make everyone who visits them feel the same passion.  Thanks to an extensive study of suppliers they have ensured the supply of high quality cuts of meat, which currently come from cows that live in the wild in Extremadura and Galicia.
Carbón Negro is another recent opening in Madrid that is giving a lot to talk about. Considered the trendy place of the moment, because of its atmosphere, location and decoration, it is hard to believe at first that we can find quality meats, but the surprise is very positive. Among its objectives is to recover the flavor of the embers, both in its meats, fish and seasonal vegetables.

Txistu madrid menu

As we were saying, Moraima’s strong point is its beers. In its menu we can find craft, national, imported varieties… that change periodically. It is therefore easy to find the right flavor for everyone, whether you are a lover of this drink or not (although if you are, as you can read, this is paradise). Of course, the wine proposal is also one of those that makes you think twice before ordering.
In these times the opening of any new place or initiative is more than welcome and worthy of admiration. And if it is an open-air place in the heart of Madrid, even more so. Therefore, we have to say…

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