Carmen ordóñez julian contreras

Carmen ordóñez julian contreras

Carmen ordóñez julian contreras


Julián Contreras Jr. In fact, there are many more graphic testimonies of encounters between the former than between the latter. Julián has recently clarified it: “We distanced ourselves and it makes no sense to maintain certain relationships when there is no real interest on both sides.
Cayetano Rivera and Eva González, decided to leave her quickly to go to Telecinco and tell all the details in exclusive, emphasizing that they had felt “isolated” and had been “isolated”.
the economic help that the Riveras provided to the Contreras family. In 2018, father and son were evicted and Julián confessed on television that he supported himself with 160 euros a month and that he wandered from house to house of friends to spend the night.
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Then, JALEOS contacted Julián to analyze the content of his two publications. In a calm tone, he explained: “It is inevitable that this stirs, but to me and to anyone else. I believe that seeing someone suffer and relate a testimony with so much pain and anguish, it is impossible to leave anyone indifferent. In my personal case, logically, it reminds me and I see a certain similarity, because I believe that a kind of condemnatory persecution has been established that has nothing to do with it. It seems cruel to me, in the absence of a condemnation, to ignore the story. I think that this is the part that has not settled in society properly in relation to the judicial processes”.
During his account, Julián Contreras also confessed that his mother “had no capacity to react, she was an abused woman”. Furthermore, that the photographs taken of Carmina when her face had bruises on it were because “that scapegoat hit her with an iron”.

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“I remember the day my mother arrived and sat down on the floor, leaned against the backrest and told me she was going to tell me something. She told me that the judge had told her that she could not have been mistreated because it was her. She had written on a piece of paper that she did not respond to the socioeconomic profile of an abused woman”, said Julián Contreras at the beginning of the interview, visibly moved.
“A judge ruled that my mother didn’t have the profile of a battered woman…. I am still looking for a logical answer as to why my mother and I were not listened to, and I am racking my brains and time goes by and I don’t understand it”, reflected Julián Contreras in tears.


“The mistreatment of Rocío Carrasco hurts me because it reminds me of the ordeal my mother went through,” she says. He says that his mother was being annulled and that “she had no capacity to react” and that the day Carmina confessed to him that “she was an abused woman” she told him that “that creep hit her with an iron”. “My mother did not want anything to happen to him, only that they believed her “Julián has revealed that “I witnessed how my mother suffered an aggression and had her nightgown torn” after waking up to noises of blows. He assures that “the guy came up to me and said ‘Julian is going to make me kill her’. Then my mother, who had a lot of balls, told him ‘don’t talk to my son’, that’s when he lunged at her, grabbing her by the neck and pushing her. That’s when I lunged at him, took him out of the room and pushed him down the hallway”.
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