Ana guerra en bikini

Ana guerra en bikini

Ana guerra en bikini

“la bikina” – ana guerra | second pass of microphones for the

“vamos pa la playa”, the canary singer has posted a photo in which she looks at the camera mischievously while wetting her ankles in the waters of a sea that does not detail which is. Will she be relaxing at home or has she gone further away for vacation?
View this post on InstagramA post shared by ANA GUERRA / WAR (@anaguerramusic) on Jul 27, 2019 at 7:43 PDTWe can’t answer that question, but we can tell you that, next to the photo, the ‘followers’
have gone crazy putting compliments to the artist. “Beautiful”, “what a body”, “spectacular”, “how beautiful you are” or “what a work of art”, are just some of those compliments she has received next to the snapshot.
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Ana guerra and the bikini

Ana Guerra has premiered the summer by posting some bikini photos on her Instagram account. That if I greet the sun here, that if I pick up my hair, that if I sit on the rocks in the Little Mermaid style … the canary takes advantage of the rising temperatures and good weather to immortalize it with a photo shoot.Next to the images she has shared the following text: “To be able to dance with you even if the floor slips “. Little or nothing to do with the content of the photos, but has managed to play well with the metaphor of water and slipping.

Ana guerra’s response to the criticism for her bikini photo.

The bad news is that the bikini is only on sale in the Canary Islands and if you want to get it and you live in the Peninsula, you will have to wait until April 19. We recommend you to set an alarm on your cell phone, because we are sure it will fly that same day.
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Andrea compton supports aitana for her bikini picture

Ana Guerra has shared on her Instagram profile a video in which she makes it clear that she does know how to get out of a pool in style. Wearing a bubblegum pink bikini and black panties, the singer walks around the pool to make her triumphant exit in slow motion.
With this sexy image Ana reminds us of the famous scene where Ariel, from the Little Mermaid, comes out of the sea. The singer makes it clear that she has a body of scandal with this triangle bikini in pink tone.  The extriunfita has not noticed the effects of forty years and continues to maintain an athletic and defined body.

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