Ana fernandez adrian roma

Ana fernandez adrian roma

Adrián roma and his doggy “family”.

“Let’s sing, guitar included, a Marlon song. We have to characterize ourselves like them. Challenge overcome”. With these words Ana Fernández presented the curious challenge she has faced: to transform herself into her boyfriend, Adrián Roma, from the group Marlon. She and her sister, María, who disguised herself as Juan Fernández, guitarist of the group, starred in a very funny and successful parody interpreting the song Mi Macarena. Their performance lacked no detail. To make the video, they have had the help of the actress Andrea Molia, daughter of Lydia Bosch and Micky Molina, who is Juan Fernandez’s partner. Press play and don’t miss it.

Marlon – marzo en febrero feat ana fernández (videoclip

For the occasion, the actress opted for a bikini with a very tropical print that fit her like a glove, showing off her great body. Of course, Adrián was not left behind either. The singer has a perfect ‘six-pack’ that we love…
Ana and Adrián are living a very sweet moment, and not only personally. After finishing Netflix’s ‘Las chicas del cable’, Ana released a few months ago ‘Voces’, her new movie, and Adrián continues to triumph with Marlon. Congratulations, lovebirds!
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Ana fernández and adrián roma, do they share everything? | elle

Send news by emailYour name *Your email *Your email *Ana Fernández and Adrián Roma boasted of sentimental stability in the presentation of the new collection of the firm ‘Unode50’. Ana wore a tight black dress with asymmetrical sleeves and her short platinum blonde hair combed back. For his part, Adrian, wore a very comfortable and casual white total look and a denim jacket. Happy and in love, they wanted to tell us what their happiest moment as a couple is.

Ana fernandez introduces her boyfriend, adrian roma, in the

Ana Fernandez has had to face very hard months. The actress was dating Santi Trancho, Frank Cuesta’s cameraman in the well-known show Frank de la Jungla , who died last 2015 after suffering a motorcycle accident, one of her passions.
The young interpreter of Los Protegidos has regained faith in love, as CzN TVE reports , with the leader of the musical band Marlon. Tattooed, with mane and beard, the truth is that the young Roma is a prototype of boy very similar to the TV cameraman, as can be seen in his Instagram history.
The integrity of Ana Fernández, always surrounded by her best friends, and trying to smile in the hardest moments, has now rewarded in this future love story that, so far this week, is already one of the most commented news of the pink press.

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