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Vanessa Claudio is one of the most loved celebrities by the Mexican audience, and her charisma, personality, good humor, talent and beauty have been the perfect combination to consolidate her as one of the most relevant models and presenters in the entertainment industry. Although her career began with beauty pageants, with time and the opportunity of some producers, she was able to demonstrate her skills as a host, being Venga la Alegría one of the programs where she was able to develop in this field.

Vanessa claudio gives us the scoop, she is going to miami for a

The reality show “El poder del amor” continues to give us a lot to talk about. Both the participants and the hostess have their stories and Vanessa Claudio talked about it exclusively for “En Contacto”. There she confessed what she likes about Diego Armando Alvarez “Don Day” and also referred to the confrontation between Mare Cevallos and Andreina Bravo.
“I have monitors here and I see it and it’s that I die laughing. I say ‘where does he get so much craziness’,” commented Claudio when referring to Don Day’s witticisms. At the same time he added that he has thought about calling his boss in Mexico since “she is always looking for people like him”.
Regarding the feud between the Ecuadorian Mare Cevallos and the recently eliminated Andreina Bravo, Vanessa Claudio mentioned that “it is very difficult to tell you who is right here”. From her perception she believes that “they bring personal problems from Ecuador”, since she does not understand why in such a short time this confrontation situation arose.
About the alleged kiss between Mare and Miguel he said that there is a truth that will come to light so he asked to be very attentive to the next gala. “I’m giving the guys a chance to talk, I’m giving them a chance to confess. This week is going to be very strong,” he revealed. (E)

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MEXICO CITY – Yesterday, Vanessa Claudio managed to capture the attention of all her followers on Instagram, after posting 2 snapshots in a spectacular the first image we can see the actress from the front, while placing her hand on her head, and giving us a beautiful smile, besides wearing a leather jacket and a hot black bodysuit, exposing her curves.
For the second picture, Vanessa appears walking her puppy, making us witness her shapely legs, and leaving more than one of her fans breathless, there is no doubt that the model has managed to win the hearts of all her followers, as she always captures everyone’s attention with her sensual photos.

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Valeria Golino (en griego: Βαλέρια Γκολίνο; nacida el 22 de octubre de 1965)[1] es una actriz y directora italiana. ¡Es conocida por el público anglosajón por sus papeles en Rain Man, Big Top Pee-wee y las dos películas de Hot Shots! Además de los premios David di Donatello, Cinta de Plata, Ciak de Oro y Globo de Oro italiano, es una de las tres actrices que ha ganado dos veces el premio a la mejor actriz en el Festival de Venecia.
Golino nació en Nápoles (Italia), hija de un padre italiano, erudito germanista, y de una madre griega, Lalla,[2] que era pintora. Una de sus abuelas era egipcia-francesa[3]. Creció en un “hogar artístico”[4] y, tras la separación de sus padres, se crió alternando entre Atenas y Sorrento (cerca de Nápoles)[5]. Golino es sobrina del periodista Enzo Golino, de L’Espresso, y su hermano es músico. Cuando era niña, su madre la llevaba con frecuencia al cine, y pronto se interesó por las películas. A pesar de ello, nunca pensó en seguir una carrera cinematográfica hasta que hizo su primera película. En cambio, quería ser cardióloga[6].

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