Verónica castro michel sáenz castro

Verónica castro michel sáenz castro

Verónica castro michel sáenz castro

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It was in the program De primera mano that Mitzy revealed that the star could have married Niembro had it not been for the opposition of the businessman’s family, who at the very first moment frustrated their plans to become husband and wife. The worst part of the case is that this happened when Verónica was already pregnant with Michel’s child.
“She was engaged and went to try on the dress on Thursday and was getting married on Saturday, she was pregnant with Michel, I was putting on the dress when Enrique spoke to her and told her that the wedding was cancelled because his parents did not give him permission and if he got married they would disinherit him and at that moment Vero fainted on me, there and then and the wedding was cancelled.”
“He was a winery businessman who had nothing to do with the artistic environment, I thought that this time I got it right and got pregnant again, but it did not turn out what I expected, because again he was a married man and had several children with others.”
Although she did not end well with Enrique Niembro, the actress never forbade her son Michel to frequent his father, something that the filmmaker continues to do to this day, as she has commented in several interviews.

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“He knew that sooner or later this would come to light and he is very angry, but not just now, but since he discovered his mother’s affairs with Yolanda, because he never agreed with that relationship, and warned Vero that sooner or later his little game would have consequences,” said an alleged friend of the singer to the media.
The informant goes on to say that it was not easy for Castro to digest his mother’s alleged homosexuality and although she never came out in front of him, “it was obvious” that Veronica and Yolanda’s relationship went beyond the friendly plane.
“That’s right, but the strongest fights between Vero and Cristian happened since she started her relationship with Yolanda, it was because of her, and it was before he married Valeria Liberman (Cristian’s first wife)”, said the informant.
About Cristian’s feelings towards Yolanda she explains. “He can’t stand Yolanda, he hates her, he can’t even see her in a picture, because he knows her since they worked in Las secretas intenciones and he knows that Joe doesn’t miss a live one.”

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Verónica Castro (pronunciación en español: [beˈɾonika ˈkastɾo]), de nombre completo Verónica Judith Sáinz Castro Alba (nacida el 19 de octubre de 1952), es una actriz, cantante, productora, ex modelo y presentadora mexicana[1], madre del cantante Cristian Castro y del cineasta Michel Castro.
Comenzó su carrera como actriz de televisión, donde conoció al cómico Manuel Valdés, padre de su hijo Cristian Castro, y en fotonovelas y telenovelas mientras se licenciaba en relaciones internacionales[2].
Después de aparecer en una serie de películas y telenovelas (El Edificio de Enfrente en 1972 y Barata de Primavera en 1975, entre otras) su carrera despegó con la telenovela Los ricos también lloran, interpretando a una huérfana pobre, con Rogelio Guerra y Rocío Banquells. Esta telenovela se convirtió en un éxito en Latinoamérica, España, Ucrania, Croacia, Italia, Francia, Israel, Rusia, China, Alemania y Filipinas. El éxito de esta historia le dio nueva fama con su sencillo “Aprendí A Llorar”. El siguiente éxito[cita requerida] fue “San Francisco De Asís”.

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Actress Veronica Castro is getting ready to make things clear with her inheritance, this with the intention of avoiding conflicts among her beneficiaries and although she already had her will ready, it has had to be modified to remove her former heir.
And although she revealed that all her assets had been left to her mother, Veronica Castro did not disclose who will be the new heirs, although it is believed that her belongings will be divided among her sons, Cristian Castro and Michel Saenz.

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