Patricio borghetti santino borghetti

Patricio borghetti santino borghetti

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Pato Borghetti and Grettell Valdez have just made their debut in one of the most dreaded “roles” of their lives: that of in-laws… in real life. The actress and businesswoman told the show ‘Hoy’ that her son Santino, product of her marriage to host Patricio Borghetti, already has a girlfriend.
“I’m the most pimp, I’m more of a boat. Suddenly you know that they give you a lot of things, and suddenly (I tell him) ‘I’m going to keep that for you to give to your girlfriend’, (but he tells me) ‘but where am I going to see her if I can’t see her?’ Well, she is his girlfriend, at least on the phone,” Valdez explained.

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For her part, Grettell Valdez told how it was the first night her son spent away from home, to be with his father: “I was in pain. I went into my room, locked myself in my dressing room and I swear I would say ‘I want to die, I can’t handle this'”.
Fortunately, with time, the two overcame the difficulties of their separation and managed to get shared custody of their son.Currently, both Grettell and Patricio have new partners and maintain a good relationship for the sake of Santino.
Patricio Borghetti often publishes photos of Santino with his half-siblings, Gía and Rocco, children he had in his relationship with Odalys Ramírez, and it seems that having two families is not a problem for his firstborn. In fact, Grettell commented that they frequently propose activities together.

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Yesterday, Odalys Ramirez and her partner Patricio Borghetti informed that they have coronavirus, so Santino, the son that the Argentinean had with actress Grettell Valdez, will have to remain in quarantine.
This was informed by Grettell, who could not help but break down in tears, because as she explained, she feels great pain and anguish for having to be separated from Santino for 15 days, the same days he will remain at his father’s house.
My son, on Tuesday he went to his father’s house and of course I feel anguish because… he is very well, he is perfect, I am perfect, my husband is perfect, but Santino went to his father’s house and I will not be able to be with him for 15 days until the danger is over”.

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Although both are carriers of the virus, they cannot be together, that is why they are in different rooms in their home; they are following the necessary measures to take care of the health of Santino, Gia and Rocco, with whom they cannot be in contact, “our children are fine, none of them have symptoms and they are isolated, luckily a person helps us take care of them because we cannot be in contact with them”. In a recent post on Instagram, Patricio Borghetti posted a video where he sees his children from the window of his room.

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