Paco leon kiki el amor se hace

Paco leon kiki el amor se hace

Paco leon kiki el amor se hace

Kiki, love to love full movie

On the occasion of its premiere, we had the opportunity to attend a meeting with the director and some of the actors of the film. On the one hand we chatted with Paco León and Belén Cuesta and on the other, Natalia de Molina and Álex García answered our questions. Without further ado, we leave you with the most interesting.
Paco León: I have a lot to thank, both Vértigo and Telecinco Cinema, not only for offering me this challenge, but also for having given me the freedom, confidence and the necessary tools to do whatever I wanted, which is basically what I have done. This is a very free film in its concept and its objective: it talks about love and sex in a very natural way, it is an erotic-festive comedy, a hymn to tolerance and diversity. There are as many sexualities as there are people and this is the first thing you have to accept in order to enjoy this life.
Paco León: At first it was a question of laziness, because we had the casting in our heads and to talk about a specific character it was better to say the name of the actor we wanted to play it and then I realized that I preferred to leave it that way because when Belén (Cuesta) called me Paco or I called her Belén during the shooting, something really happened that I found very interesting, it was like a way of opening holes for reality to slip into the film.


In his wonderful villa with swimming pool, Jose Luis, a plastic surgeon, lives with Paloma, his intractable wife, who is wheelchair-bound after an accident, and Loreley, a Filipina intern. After accidentally sedating his wife, Jose Luis is overcome by somnophilia and discovers that, thanks to this kiki, he can recover the flame of passion that existed before the serious accident. There is only one drawback: to do so, he will have to win the complicity of the housekeeper.
Sandra is a very special and somewhat neurotic girl: she lives with a giant iguana, is lactose intolerant, has a hearing disability that does not prevent her from communicating and the kiki of eliphilia. Finding the love of her life will not be easy, but a call to the call-center where she works translating phone calls into sign language will change everything.


After making love, Alex asks Natalia if she liked it, to which she replies that it went very well, but that she’s still scratched about the gas station the week before, confessing that she didn’t tell him everything.
She admits that she got more aroused than making love to him, something that makes him feel annoyed, although she tells him that what happened to her is something natural, because just as he gets off on sucking a foot, she gets off on being mugged.
Back at his house they try to make love in the kitchen pretending to have surprised her, asking him to talk to her while they make love, she starts calling him a stinking pig, so he starts to ask why she says that and they end up arguing.
The woman, Belén, arrives crying because she says that “Rara” is going to have surgery on her leg and that she gave him a pick to comfort her and went crazy calling her a whore and a slut and threw her out of the house just because of that pick despite everything he has done for her, like pissing on her when she asked him to or practicing bondage.

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Although impeccably filmed and directed and with very good actors, this installment by Paco León falls short. Paco tries to portray these couples with serious bedroom problems, in a comedy that lacks laughs and a drama that does not delve deep enough because it seems the subject is too complex.
The story at the beginning keeps us expectant, but halfway through the movie we stop getting our hopes up and we stop caring about how our protagonists will solve their sexual problems.
Some couples should have had a definite comic story and others a definite dramatic one, and at least one with a combination of both. In El Amor Se Hace, we have a little bit of everything, in everything.
There is little development of some characters and certain outcomes are too easy and predictable, sometimes even far-fetched and sometimes just plain ugly. Love has little to do with the plot, although it seems to be the engine that moves the characters, but no, and what could have been five completely original, daring and new love stories, only remains in explanations and situations that sometimes seem more like a Saturday afternoon sketch show, very well directed and acted, but nothing more than that.

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