Oracion para conseguir novio urgente

Oracion para conseguir novio urgente

Oracion para conseguir novio urgente

Novena for love

Thanks to these beautiful prayers to St. Anthony of Padua, also known as the saint of love, there is no doubt that true love will knock on your door and after a few days and weeks many people who pray with faith in search of a boyfriend to St. Anthony get an ideal boyfriend, with whom they complement each other and form the perfect couple.
I am asking you to help me find that soul mate waiting for me who is thinking of me, wondering where I will be on this planet, thinking of the moment we have the opportunity to put our minds, our bodies, our spirits, our hearts together.
These are additional prayers and prayers to finish pleading and asking St. Anthony, to fulfill our requests and help us on the way, giving us that person who will give us all the love one needs.
Saint Anthony of Padua, blessed and temple of love that too many people you have helped to find that love that with fidelity and sincerity its chronicle has shared, I beg you to make a distinction in me and that in a fast way I can find a boyfriend (a), because I feel lonely and with a space in my heart. (Mention the properties or characteristics that you wish that the person you love has).

Holy to get a boyfriend

In life we always wait for that love that we see so much in romantic movies where the protagonist gets a boyfriend in a very fast way. Unfortunately in real life it does not always happen that way and we are left waiting. But there is another way through a prayer to get a boyfriend, which will help you with your goal. You just have to be patient and have faith.
In today’s world where we live, it is so difficult to get a steady partner. It should be easier to get a boyfriend because of all the social networks that exist today, but it is not so, now you do not know if that person is really the way he/she is known in the different platforms or not. Particularly it is a dilemma.
Blessed almighty father. I ask you to protect me and with your sacred blessing protect me from all evil. Do all that is in your hands so that my love for you, may be exhausted. And never abandon me.
Father if I have committed any fault towards you or sins I beg you to forgive them. So that I may be free from evil and with that my pure soul may attract a person who wants to spend the rest of his life with me. To love me fully even with my faults. May he treat me as I have never been treated, as if I were after you my god, what is to be respected.

Prayer to get a stable partner

Therefore, as I wrote earlier in this post, the most important thing is to work on ourselves. People become so desperate that when they do not find a partner, they tend to choose the first person who comes into their lives. They do not measure the consequences that this may cause in the future, and look for people who do not suit them, who do not have the same life plan.
This prayer to get a boyfriend urgently, will be an important step to find that person we have been looking for so much. We must keep in mind that we cannot blame others for the situation we are in, we have to recognize our faults. Evaluate which behaviors are not attractive or we tend to show such intensity when looking for a prospect that in the end we end up driving them away.
Therefore, in love, praying for a boyfriend helps to improve the confidence and faith that dwells in us. This will positively influence the environment and the people around you. And in conjunction with a prayer it can be of great help in finding the love of your life.

Prayer to st. anthony of padua to find true love

St. Anthony of Padua is a powerful Saint who listens to the supplications you make to him, so when you make your request do it with the greatest sincerity that your heart possesses, be honest when making your supplications and so St. Anthony of Padua will listen to you.
In order to have a prompt result you will write your request on a sheet of paper, for example “I want to get a boyfriend or girlfriend fast”, in fact you can write how you want him/her to be physically or his/her personality, for example “I want him/her to have green eyes and to be funny”.
I trust you completely and I place all my hopes in these supplications that I make to you today, I believe in your powers to intervene for me before God and I expect from you the miracle of getting a boyfriend or girlfriend fast.
With immense faith I surrender myself to you oh good father of goodness, I know that you will grant me to get a boyfriend soon. I leave my happiness in your hands, I give you my feelings so that you can link them to a person who deserves them.

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