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It is not uncommon to find news in the Mexican press about the relationship between the model and the presenter. Many sources claim that they are a couple, that they have been together since they met, and all this kind of stuff, even going so far as to publish that they have married in secret, and that they are looking to become mothers. Actually, there has never been any confirmation from any of the parties: they, as free women that they are, do what they want, without giving explanations to anyone. That they are just friends? Great, that they are more than friends? Great too. We think it’s all fine, but it’s clear that Montserrat Oliver and Barbara Coppel couldn’t be missing in Amigas sin derecho a roce. You can send us your suggestions for this section!

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Al principio de su carrera, Oliver se trasladó a Miami, donde modeló para revistas como Elle y Top Model. Mientras estaba en Miami, fue elegida para un papel en la serie de Fox Fortune Hunter. También presentó el programa Basta de Telemundo durante dos años.
Tras varios años en Estados Unidos, Montserrat regresó a Ciudad de México, donde apareció en Ramona, la primera de muchas telenovelas para la cadena de televisión en español Televisa, entre las que se encontraban “Sin Pecado Concebido”, “Mujeres” y “La Madrastra”. Después de Ramona, Oliver protagonizó su propio programa en Televisa, “Las Hijas de la Madre Tierra”, que coprodujo y copresentó con su amiga Yolanda Andrade. El programa se emitió durante ocho años en México y en varios países del mundo.
Además de su presencia en los medios de comunicación en México, Montserrat Oliver es propietaria de varios negocios: una línea de ropa llamada Royal Closet, de la que Barbara Coppel era socia;[5] una línea de gafas de sol llamada MO Lunettes du Soleil;[6] una agencia de talentos, Jerry ML, que representa a artistas para trabajos comerciales en todo México; y una productora especializada en la producción de anuncios.

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Regarding the alleged liaison between Castro and Andrade, the businesswoman replied: “it’s not for me to talk about that topic, but these are things that don’t surprise me because for me they are not new things, but it’s not for me to talk about that topic because I don’t know”, and when asked if she knew about this romance, she said: “no, well, I don’t know …., I can’t, I mean… many things are known among friends, everything counts… the same and yes and no”. I can’t tell you, I mean… many things are known among friends, everything counts… the same and yes, the same and no.” Then, the reporters asked her if she had heard about the first kiss between Yolanda and Montserrat, to which she answered: “The same and yes, but I don’t remember… they are things that… but then one and a thousand, I mean…”.

Montserrat oliver, barbara coppel and lagartijas!

I always tell Alejandro: ‘I fell in love with you in Paris, at Fashion Week,'” Barbara Coppel told Quién® shortly after her controversial engagement to bullfighter Alejandro Hank Amaya. The former model was referring to the last Haute Couture Week, where she was our guest editor.
Days before we had met her in London for a photo shoot in which she surprised us with an inexhaustible energy. From top to bottom, from Somerset House to Waterloo Bridge in Alexander McQueens taller than Big Ben, Barbara never stopped. In between location changes, we noticed that Barbara was checking what was new on her iPhone. The novelty was called Alejandro Hank. Yes, the same one who in 2013 called off his wedding with actress Ana Brenda Contreras just four days before.
Talking to her after saying yes to Alejandro, she confesses to being madly in love, describes her fiancé as “a prince” and her courtship as a never-ending high. Exclusively, she told us how she deals with the fans who incessantly remind her of her ex-girlfriend.

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