Michelle renaud danilo carrera

Michelle renaud danilo carrera

Danilo carrera and michelle renaud put an end to their relationship on

Michelle Renaud has always been very transparent when it comes to talking about her private life, but it seems that the actress has reached her limit. The actress had a meeting with several reporters during a performance of the play ‘La jaula de los locas’ where she went to support her friend, also actor Ruben Branco.
But everything changed when the questions related to her alleged reconciliation with the Ecuadorian actor arrived. It was then when the actress abruptly ended the interview: “I’m not going to talk about my personal life anymore because the truth is that I already realized how this works. I have always been very open, but when they start to invent things I say no more,” said Michelle to questions from the press.
Asked if she has felt harassed by the media, the actress answered with a resounding “no”, “but now my personal life will be personal and the media will be media. “I already feel Madonna, calm down, if it is not so important what happens to me,” she said when she saw the commotion that had formed around her and that prevented her from moving forward normally.

Michelle renaud and danilo carrera were caught together.

However, with the passing of the months it seems that it was all a publicity strategy for the launching of the telenovela in which they both participated: “Quererlo todo”; or, that in reality love triumphed.
It was in an interview with “HOY” that Danilo Carrera admitted that he is more in love than ever and that he enjoys spending time with Michelle Renaud’s son; they even recently went out to eat together in costume.
At the time it was said that he had refused to commit to the actress, and even didn’t want to have another child with her because he “didn’t feel ready”. However, it seems that this couple is going for a long time.
“People know it, he sent a message yesterday with some very nice lessons and things to apply, I felt like sharing it. Marcelo is the most beautiful thing on the planet, as long as there is a chance to spend time with him, I will take it”, expressed Carrera.

Michelle renaud calls danilo carrera “dumb”.

Someone who is happy even though she says she’s not, that they’re just being friends with Danilo Carrera, is Michelle Renaud. Well, they did return, they were together over the weekend at a wedding in Los Cabos with Michelle’s relatives, but they asked the attendees to please not publish photos of Michelle and Danilo together,” said the hostess.
What nobody imagined at the wedding is that Michelle Renaud herself would be the one who caught the bride’s bouquet, which put on the table the talk of walking down the aisle with Danilo Carrera. She got the bouquet and they say that whoever gets the bouquet gets married, so she is very excited because she says that she would like to marry Danilo and she has already told some people close to her,” she said.
In fact, this gave rise to assumptions that the two never ended their relationship, and that it was all a publicity stunt to raise the rating of the production they starred in.Days later, Michelle shared a tender video with Danilo and her son, who had not seen each other since their breakup.

Danilo carrera revela que michelle renaud lo buscó porque

En la telenovela “Quererlo Todo”, Mateo y Valeria aún no tienen su “Feliz para siempre”; sin embargo, en la vida real, Danilo Carrera y Michelle Renaud se han apartado de esa frase al anunciar este lunes el fin de su relación amorosa, luego de ser considerado uno de los noviazgos más sólidos del programa.
“Con toda la tristeza del mundo pero sabiendo que lo que bailamos no nos lo quita nadie, queremos contarles que hemos decidido terminar nuestra hermosa relación. Hoy nos amamos más que nunca; Tuvimos mucho aprendizaje juntos y agradecemos todas las muestras de cariño por nuestra relación”, escribieron en su cuenta de Instagram, junto a una foto donde aparecen juntos y sonrientes.
Los dos publicaron la misma foto con el mismo mensaje donde agregan que, aunque la relación llega a su fin, siguen teniendo una gran amistad y compañerismo, y siguen igual de felices de estar juntos en la novela.
En 2019 la pareja confirmó que tenía una relación, que llegó después de que ambos protagonizaran “Hijas de la Luna”. El noviazgo se volvió rápidamente muy mediático, ya que ambos compartieron fotografías en las que no solo aparecían ellos, sino el hijo de Michelle, Marcelo, a quien Danilo rápidamente le tomó cariño.

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