Luz maria zetina miss mexico

Luz maria zetina miss mexico

Luz maria zetina miss mexico


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Luz María Zetina (nacida Luz María Zetina Lugo el 28 de mayo de 1973 en la Ciudad de México, México) es una actriz, modelo, conductora de televisión, personalidad de la televisión y ex Miss México 1994 de ascendencia italiana. Representó a su país en el certamen de Miss Universo 1995, celebrado en Windhoek, Namibia, el 12 de mayo de 1995. Posteriormente estudió interpretación en el Centro de Educación Artística de Televisa. Su primer papel fue en la telenovela Ángela. Actualmente conduce el programa matutino Sale el Sol, que se emite de lunes a viernes en Imagen Televisión.

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According to Zetina, the reason why not even the renowned Mexican director was able to convince her to appear in the film is because her schedule did not coincide with the film, since she had planned a trip with her family for that time.
Although she withdrew from the screen for a while to devote herself to her family, in 2007, Zetina returned with great success in the series ‘S.O.S: Sex and other secrets’, later she participated in several projects such as ‘Paradas continuas’, ‘Por siempre amor’ and ‘Dame tu cuerpo’.


After the Mexican Andrea Meza, was crowned last May 16 with the title of Miss Universe, controversy broke out, because in social networks some followers of the Peruvian Janick Maceta were furious and described the title of the Chihuahua-born as fraud.
By her own words it was known that the favorite contestant in that event was Luz Elena González, who was the representative of Jalisco, the place where the competition was held, and when she did not win, her countrymen were furious. She emphasized that there was no rivalry between them, but that it was the spectators who were responsible for all the discredit that her coronation suffered.

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The apparent psychological abuse given by the director of beauty pageants such as Nuestra Belleza México and Mexicana Universal, Lupita Jones, to several of the contestants continues to make headlines in entertainment magazines.
As time went by and the relationship became more strained, Luz Elena opted to move in with her then boyfriend, but when Lupita found out that she was no longer sleeping at home, she vetoed her from an international contest and sent another girl in her place.
She lived an attempt to truncate her professional career and when she was not well regarded in the organizing committee of the contest she decided to knock on doors in the productions until she found a place in Televisa’s projects.

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