Juan de dios pantoja y kimberly

Juan de dios pantoja y kimberly

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It’s been several days since Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja ended their relationship, after the controversy that exposed the influencer’s infidelities; however, this is not the first time they separated, as their relationship has been full of ups and downs since it began.
After the show, his friends asked him if he liked the girl with whom the photo was taken, he said no, and his friends commented that this girl had a cousin much prettier than her, but a little more serious.

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In 2017 she started another YouTube channel together with her partner, Juan de Dios Pantoja, called Jukilop and where they publish videos of both of them, such as about the history of their relationship, among other related topics. Although she also has another channel together with the company Badabun called Jukidog to rescue dogs, giving them shelter and food.

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Undoubtedly there are two characters in social networks that have managed to appropriate the platforms; they are the duo formed by Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja. Both content creators have become the favorites of the new generations.
As a result, many people wonder how much is the fortune of Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja; undoubtedly these creators and parents of Kima and Juanito have managed to position themselves to become great entrepreneurs.
Many will remember the scandal that the couple starred in when they allegedly separated after a possible infidelity of Pantoja with another person of the same youtuber circle became known; because of this Loaiza requested the separation, but a few months later they reconciled.
Talking about their intimate life, sharing jokes, moments in their courtship and now marriage have become reasons for people to relate to them and their style; that has helped them amass a significant fortune.

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Whether for the love that unites them, for their children, for their content in networks or for alleged cases of infidelity, Juan de Dios and Loaiza have managed to earn an important place in the media, becoming two of the most important celebrities in Latin America.
Getting close to her, however, was not an easy task, since Kimberly was serious and did not show much interest in him, in fact, Juan de Dios stopped talking to her for a while due to her evasive attitude and after she stood him up when they had agreed on a date.
But fate brought them together again and later, after having several failed love affairs, JD contacted Kimberly again and now everything flowed much better. Although before them a new obstacle presented itself, this time, the parents of the now youtuber who never agreed with her having a boyfriend. In fact, it is said that the young girl’s father even banned her from social networks and told her that if she wanted to be with a boy it would only be when they got married.
One day, Pantoja got tired of this situation and motivated by his feelings, he ran away with her to Sinaloa. Already without the pressure of her parents, the couple gave free rein to their love and established themselves as one of the most important in the social networks, thanks to their success as youtubers.

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