Imagenes de versos de amor

Images of beautiful verses

There are many apps on Android and IPhone that can record your voice for you. Pay attention to how you say it, would you fall in love with yourself if you hear that voice?    Try to speak sweetly, or have a soft, gentle and cheerful tone in your voice, read out loud:
-Beautiful, I asked God for a flower, and he gave me a garden. I asked God for a tree and He gave me a forest. I asked him to protect me from the night, and he gave me your arms, and crying I asked him for a reason to live, and smiling, God whispered your name in my ear.
Contrary to what movies and misinformed people would have you believe, a woman is not attracted to a man primarily because of his looks, so if you rely on your “good looks” to pick up girls, but don’t know how to talk like an intelligent man, maybe they will use you for a day or two, or take money from you to pay for dinner with their flirtations, but they will never call you again, or answer your texts.

Love verses to dedicate

If we want to talk about true love, this space would not be enough, I think that not even all the beautiful words in the dictionary would be enough to describe what real love is. It is so difficult to explain but so easy to feel when we meet the right person, that is perhaps what bothers us the most because we feel something so beautiful but we do not know how to express it or explain what happens to us.
They open their soul and give voice to their thoughts in such a clear and beautiful way that many of us surely feel identified with and when we read it we say “Yes, that’s what I feel, how did it not occur to me to explain it like that?”
All that now no longer matters, the best thing is that we can take one of these love verses and dedicate it to that person who has us so in love so that once and for all can understand all that provokes in us.

Imagenes de versos de la vida

They say that love is the engine that moves the world and surely they are right because where there is love, there is peace, serenity, dialogue, understanding, great works can be carried out, ideals make sense and the ideas of human beings get to be realized in their fullness.
The heart can stop beating at any moment,” he says, “It is true. But I ask God to allow me to be by your side when this happens, so that with your love you can give a new impulse to my vital engine. I love you.
I love you and I feel that the sun is warmer when I am with you. I love you and I feel that the water refreshes me more when you talk to me. I love you and I can’t stop thinking about you, because your image drives me to be better every day”.

Images of friendship verses

In love you have to be enterprising What does this mean? That you have to move, to abhor quietism, to fight for what you want, to be pure activity, almost a dancing wit, ready to vehemence. Love is not for the lukewarm, because often it does not fall from above and even if initially its maintenance implies a lot of doing and doing. That is what it is all about, even if we sometimes forget it. That’s why, as a sort of cooperation in this kind of horsemanship, we present you images with short, romantic and tender love poems to fall in love.
And love is pure risk; it is not an enterprise for the faint-hearted. Yes, the word is harsh but it is so What is typical of them? Passing up the train out of fear. It’s obvious that non-correspondence can be a real headache, although we’ll never know unless we try it. A non-assurance is always preferable to a maybe that happened and its corollary was never known. The former exterminates the imagination, which on these occasions is usually a certain enemy; the latter leaves it free, without a handcuff, without shackles, to such an extent that it can invent anything. Beautiful worlds that however you will never be because the opportunity is definitely over or anyway you won’t dare to realize anything.

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