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Since the integration of Ely Blancarte to the Space Music team, the performer has received great support from the fandom of content creators Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja, who have also sponsored her as an influencer. Her social networks have had a significant increase, so now on Instagram she has 1.8 million followers and it has been on TikTok, the platform where she has stood out the most, since she has more than 8 million followers.
Since last December 18, when she released her first song professionally, as part of the Space Music team; Ely Blancarte stood out for her talent and immediately the users who went on behalf of “La Lindura Mayor”, to listen to the new song and music video, so in the comments you could read that many already wanted to see both friends in a collaboration.
Now, finally the release date of this new remix that will unite both voices in a new single has been announced. The song will be released on August 19. This was revealed by the performer and influencer through her Instagram stories.

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Como todos sabemos, Kimberly Loaiza es un nombre comúnmente reconocido en México. Ella ha acumulado un inmenso número de adeptos por su contenido en TikTok, YouTube e Instagram también. A decir verdad, es la tercera YouTuber más comprada en el país.
No ha revelado su edad ni su fecha de nacimiento. En cualquier caso, se sabe que tiene alrededor de 20 años. La edad de la estrella de TikTok es una de las preguntas más planteadas después de que su vídeo se convirtiera en una sensación en la red.
Probablemente hayas visto una cara célebre en las continuas grabaciones de Ely en TikTok. Definitivamente, has acertado. Ely y Kimberly Loaiza, la joven de TikTok, han estado haciendo grabaciones de TikTok juntas. Además, su vídeo consiguió más de un millón de perspectivas en 10 horas.

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20 MILLION HERE ✨ truly I am so grateful for everything you do for me, I would love to hug each one of you and tell you in your faces how much I love you ��� thank you for so much cuties, you are the best 20 million people in the world for me ����
It is already a habit to appreciate some professional pictures in her social accounts, in each of the important events of her life, however not having placed any description we will have to wait for her to surprise us later.Check out the pictures of Kimberly Loaiza, click here.

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