Carita con ojos de corazon significado

Meaning of facial expression emoji

Do you think you know the meaning of WhatsApp emoticons or emojis? The truth is that they can be used for many situations. Happiness, Sadness, Joy, Fear, Hate and even Disappointment and Bitterness.
It has several meanings, it all depends on the context with which it is used. It can be used to imply that what was said was not serious, in other cases it is also an indicator of flirting and if you are very expressive you can use it at the end of a sentence after saying “Ok, I understand”.
It is used to express something that is not serious, it may contain some irony. It is also a symbol that you are doing something silly, or that maybe you didn’t expect what happened. On other occasions it is used to close a conversation in a comical way.
This is one of the most classic and used. Its meaning is very obvious, it expresses a great joy full of love, it is also very used by couples to express the love they have for each other or when they say nice things to each other.
It can mean many things, and all of them are negative emotions because you suffer in a misunderstood way. You can use it to express sadness, despair, fear, frustration, disappointment and more. Ex: “I’m so sorry about what happened, how can I help you?

Meaning of the emoji with the tongue out

Emoji with mask to protect yourself with a protective mask. It may be in a hospital or a place where there is an emergency. It is usually used when you can not breathe the ambient air.
Emoji ghost who smiles and sticks out his tongue, it tries to be scary, but it is more funny than scary. It can also have the meaning of “You are a ghost” referring that someone is showing off too much of something.
Emoticon victory hand with two fingers up representing triumph, it also means peace. BUT BEWARE: In England it is usually understood as an insult, because it can represent a woman with her legs open.
An ear representing the sense of hearing, your interlocutor is ready to listen to you. Depending on the context it can also mean that your interlocutor needs you to listen carefully or that you have to hear something very carefully.
The emoji of an eye has several meanings, it can mean the oriental evil eye, it can also be a religious symbol in ancient cultures, for example the Egyptian Eye of Horus. Also, it can be used to warn that we are watching someone.

Heart eyes emoji meaning

Face with clenched teethIt is, undoubtedly, one of the emojis of discord. Because, what exactly does this expression mean? In fact, some participants of the mentioned study assured that they found this face aggressive, but others went to the other extreme and said that they saw it as “extremely happy”.
The flamenca and the “Travolta “One thing we can all agree on is that these two little creatures give a good vibe, whatever the context. Their meaning can range from “today we’re going to break the night” to “because I’m worth it”.
We are getting dangerously close to swampy ground. Because these eyes can be interpreted as falling in love, and what can happen if we put them on that guy/girl we have recently started dating, but we are not yet at that point? Well, we can put our foot in our mouth and he/she will go away.
WhatsAppWithout a doubt, the most compromising emoji. Because when using it, here you can be declaring yourself without realizing it (a heart of another color seems that it is not so important, right? When someone sends it to you, what does it suggest?

Unicorn blowing a kiss emoji meaning

As we have said before, we also use it when we say something naughty or we want to propose something funny, that breaks the monotony. This emoticon, together with the face that sends a kiss are the ones we use the most, either inside or outside of a love relationship:    It is one of our favorite emoticons, it can mean “I am in love”, “you fascinate me”, “I love what I see”, etc. We use it a lot as a reply after seeing a picture of the person we like; outside the sentimental field we usually use it when we really like something that has been proposed or sent to us; we love this emoticon because it transmits love, happiness, positivism, joy, good energy, etc. It would be great if we all could see through those fantastic heart eyes.

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