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Adela Amalia Noriega Méndez (pronunciación en español: [aˈðela noɾˈjeɣa]; nacida el 24 de octubre de 1969), más conocida como Adela Noriega, es una actriz mexicana retirada. Noriega saltó a la fama en su adolescencia, protagonizando telenovelas juveniles a finales de la década de 1980.
Adela Noriega nació y creció en Ciudad de México (México),[1] su padre murió cuando ella era adolescente y su madre falleció en 1995, tras una batalla contra el cáncer,[2][3] tiene dos hermanos: una hermana mayor, Reyna, y un hermano menor, Alejandro,[4].
Noriega fue descubierta de niña, a los doce años fue ojeada en un centro comercial mientras paseaba con su madre[5]. Poco después, comenzó a trabajar como modelo de moda y empezó a aparecer en anuncios de televisión y vídeos musicales[6].
Noriega debutó como actriz principal en 1986, a los dieciséis años, cuando fue elegida para su primer papel protagonista en Yesenia, una telenovela histórica. La telenovela era una adaptación del cómic homónimo de Yolanda Vargas Dulché,[7] que giraba en torno a una joven gitana y su caravana. A partir de entonces, comenzó a trabajar únicamente como actriz principal de muchas telenovelas de éxito con una distribución internacional.

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It was during his participation in the program Chisme No Like where Carbajal revealed that the alleged son of Adela Noriega and Carlos Salinas de Gortari has a great life in the United States, as he is now in charge of the real estate company that the actress created in the late 80s.
According to the information revealed in the broadcast directed by Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani, Jorge Carbajal quoted Rafael Loret de Mola, father of journalist Carlos Loret de Mola, as the first to confirm such relationship by assuring that the actress was in the English hospital because she was going to give birth to Carlos Salinas de Gortari’s son.
“Those photos are already running all over the Internet, and I said it yesterday: ‘they are saying that he is the son’, I cannot confirm that because they were not given to me directly (the photos)…what I can confirm is that Adela did have a son who was Salinas de Gortari’s son, who said he was her nephew, and that she is finally living with him in Miami, between Miami, Polanco and Europe”.

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However, when Adela Noriega was at the peak of her career as a telenovela star, the actress vanished from the entertainment industry. Some claimed that she did so because of her alleged relationship (never confirmed) with former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari.
Others claim that Adela Noriega’s retirement is due to the fact that the actress suffered a love disappointment with singer Luis Miguel and others even believe that she did it because of a malfunction caused by the scalpel. As you read; it was in 2020 when the rumor began to circulate that the celebrity underwent a cosmetic surgery that went wrong, so she was forced to stay away from the set.
On the other hand, at the beginning of this year 2021, Reforma’s section, Punto G, assured that Televisa executives were looking to contact her to meet with her and seek her return to the TV station:

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MEXICO CITY – Much has been said about the mysterious life of Adela Noriega, who is currently retired from show business. She had enjoyed the sweetness of success as one of the most sought-after actresses in telenovelas.
The Youtube channel “Famosos de Cerca MX”, told the story between the two, which far from being a romance, seems to have been a nightmare for the celebrity, since everything indicates that she was threatened by the Mexican politician to go out with him.Everything happened in 1988, when Adela had starred in “Dulce Desafío”; project with which she would have conquered who was (at that time) president of Mexico, so he would have asked Emilio Azcárraga to introduce him to the actress.
Although rumors suggested that Carlos had had several mistresses, it is said that the one he loved the most was Adela, whom he showered with luxuries, jewelry and even real estate.The politician would have forbidden the actress to practice her profession, as many close friends commented that he was so jealous of her that he could not bear to see her sharing love scenes with other celebrities. This would have forced her to go to the United States to film with Telemundo in 1993.

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